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« Mansa Musa »

Enter to the lion’s den, a troop of 999 wild animals ready to do anything to protect their gold mines.

Thousands of years ago, a strong emperor reigned over Mali. Known as Mansa Musa, this benefactor marked his time by his power and wealth. His fortune was estimated at $400 billion through his golden empire, making him the richest man in history.

This imposing and extremely generous leader returns to earth to continue his work and impose his supremacy. Mansa Musa and his army of lions return in force to rule the world but safeguarding their priceless goldmine will be challenging…


Heroic Lions

Mansa Musa has surrounded himself with an army of heroic lions to reconquer the world. Among them, 9 rare species will be part of his personal guard. The lucky few owners of these NFTs will form the elite. 7 privileged ones will get up to 500 dollars a month for life, the king of the troop, the legendary Mansa Musa will get 5000 dollars a month.

Finally, the ultra-rare lioness will receive a gold bar or $60,000 cash and $500 per month and will become the queen of the savannah. The amounts of per month are valid in case of sold out.


10% Opening of the gold mine

Welcome to Mansa Musa’s gold mine, get your shovels and picks, it’s time to start digging ! Join the community on Discord and learn to roar like a real lion.

20% Roll in the gold

In order to create a real gold mine, 30.000 dollars will be added in a community fund to give back to our holders. All initiatives and creations coming from our holders will be rewarded. The whole golden team will participate in the decision making through votes on Discord.

40% For all the gold in the world

The Golden Heroes will join the very closed circle of the Gold Business. We will share with you everything you need to know to make the most of this very precious metal.

How to buy it, how to sell it… All the best practices. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with entrepreneurs and businessmen who became millionaires as a result of their successful business management.

60% Price of gold

Like Mansa Musa in his time, the Golden Heroes will help people in need. 50,000 dollars will be donated to a charity that fights against child labor in gold mines in conditions that degrade their physical and mental health. These associations will be chosen by the community on Discord.

80% Gold award

Once the gold mine is raided, the lucky one who gets the legendary Mansa Musa will earn $5,000 a month for life as long as they don't sell their NFT. But it's not over yet! The holder of the ultra-rare lioness, will also get a one kilo 24 carat gold bar worth $60,000 or $60,000 cash. To make it more unique, each rare NFT is hand-drawn by our design team.

100% The Golden age

The treasure hunt is over, you are now a king of the savannah. And to fight against the extinction of your species, golden advice : stay tuned for phase 2 which promises to be even more spectacular.

Development Roadmap


Your opinion matters most. Our community will be at the heart of the project.

You will regularly give your opinion on Discord and you will have an impact and an important place in the story.


200 000 dollars will be dedicated to different marketing campaigns in order to develop and maintain the dynamics and the prestige around Golden Heroes.

Our project is not a one shot project and all our marketing strategy will prove it, even after the first sale.


Join an exclusive business and be part of the elite, a very closed circle. Experts will accompany you to buy and resell gold in large quantities and at lower cost.

Through our network you can become financially independent and earn several million dollars.

In Gold

The best buyers and resellers will get a gold import license, a passport that is extremely difficult to obtain. As you can see, you will have a very important place in the gold business. But that’s not all !

You will also be put in touch with e-commerce, trading, NFT and real estate experts, if you wish to continue to invest your money and increase your heritage.


The most active members of the community will have the chance to be invited to a VIP party to meet the Golden team and other members of the community to discuss about future projects

The Gold

The story is being made and this is just the beginning. Every lion in the pack will have a special place in Phase 2 and each one of them will be able to write their own chapter.

3 Case studies


George wants to start a business and become financially independent. His friend, Thomas, already has his own business and wants to expand it. Both of them will have access to an ultra private and usually inaccessible network of influential people in their respective fields.

They will be accompanied by experts in various fields such as trading, e-commerce, NFT, real estate and of course, the gold industry. George and Thomas will also have access to conferences and VIP events to gain more knowledge and grow their business.


John managed to find an investment fund, which means a contract of 200 kilos of gold per month for 1 year.

Out of the 200 kilos per month, the Golden Heroes team commits to pay the dealer the sum of 1000 dollars per kilo sold, that is 200,000 dollars per month.

That’s $2.4 million per year, an astronomical amount.


An investment fund that owns a gold refinery and several jewellery stores around the world.

This investment fund wants a contract for 500 kilos per month. For such large quantities, Golden’s team will do a “test” transaction of 5 to 10 kilos before trying large quantities.

On 500 kilos per month over a period of 1 year, the investor will benefit, thanks to Golden’s team, of 8000 dollars per kilo.

This reduction represents $4 million per month, a huge savings.



Making gold mines digital : a unique project in the world !


Values, knowledge, tips... Become a real family.


You will be at the heart of the project, your opinion will always count.


Democratize an inaccessible business.


Like gold, The Golden Heroes project was created to grow, to increase and to continue.


Making gold mines digital : a unique project in the world !


Values, knowledge, tips... Become a real family.


You will be at the heart of the project, your opinion will always count.


Democratize an inaccessible business.


Like gold, The Golden Heroes project was created to grow, to increase and to continue.


R-Gold Warrior


CK Kingold


Goldly smile

Executive Chief

Golden Scar

Marketing Genius

Star Gold

Communication Guru


Most frequent questions and answers

The Public Sale starts on November 28th, 2021, at 9 PM EST. Price Starts at 0.3 ETH + gas for 6 hours. If the collection is not sold out by then, price drops to 0.25 ETH + gas after the initial 6 hours. If the collection is still not sold out after those 12 hours, the rest of the Golden Heroes are sold at 0.2 ETH + gas.

Once you have minted a Golden Heroes NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

We will be holding a presale 1 day prior to the public launch for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist. The Whitelist spots will be very limited.

The public launch will be held on November 28th, 2021, at 9 PM EST, while the presale will be held November 27th at 4 PM EST.

You can use your Golden Heroes as a profile picture online, and you can also resell your Golden Heroes for profit. Once breeding functions launch, you will be able to earn Golden Heroes tokens daily. If you accumulate enough, you will be able to burn these tokens to generate new, stronger Golden Heroes.

Yes, 10% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for the Golden Heroes team. A portion of those royalties will go towards marketing, to make sure that the project continues to grow.

Yes, you will own all intellectual properties to the Golden Heroes, which means you can use it to create and sell merch.

All Rights Reverved 2021